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Our Mission Statement

Third Way Center offers truth and hope to the most vulnerable adolescents and their families with complex mental health issues, by helping them work towards trauma resolution and enabling them to become productive members of society.

We Offer Truth and Hope

Third Way Center continually adapts innovative science combined with dedicated mental health treatment for youth in need, allowing growth & healing to begin.

5,000+ Teens

500,000+ Hours of
Therapy Sessions

79% Earn Diploma or GED

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of teens come to Third Way Center with a history of abuse or severe neglect 

We Break the Cycle

Adolescents make their way to Third Way Center from a variety of backgrounds, often from foster care, youth corrections or homelessness.

Our goal is to break the cycle of trauma by helping young teens discover their own path to success.

How We Help

Encephalopathy recovery unit

Utilizing the most recent scientific research and data available, we offer the only brain trauma unit of its kind in the United States

Continuum of residential care

Five licensed residential facilities and two state-approved alternative high schools to continue education and build practical life skills

Six Boxes© Treatment Methodology

Our trademarked approach to addressing the root trauma and bringing healing through the personal pursuit of justice has proven results

Our 71% success rate treating teens

After brain trauma recovery and dedicated hours of therapy, empowered youth can both reconcile their pasts and own their futures

“Every day I’m living to my potential, working to make our community a better place, and helping to give the teens at Third Way Center a chance to follow in my footsteps.”

– TWC Graduate

My Truth Is:

“I can learn to love myself each and every day.”

My Hope Is:

“To be able to let myself feel happy and live a successful life.”

– Current TWC  Resident

I Give Because:

“Any way I can help the next generation to see their potential, to see how much they can do and change, it empowers me.”

– TWC Donor