The Kyncl Family

“I vow to take care of you to the best of my ability. That doesn’t change because life gets difficult.” These are the powerful words of strength and courage of Diane and Russ Kyncl, mother and father of Matt Kyncl, a former resident of Third Way Center.

Matthew, Russ and Diane’s middle child, was a happy baby with a will of steel. As a child, he had a unique spirit and determination. As Matt got older, this will of steel transformed into acts of defiance and sometimes violence to where Russ and Diane became scared of what Matt might do to himself and his family. They knew that they needed help.

Russ and Diane put Matt in a few different mental health facility placements, trying to do everything they could to keep their son safe. Third Way Center was the last option for Matt to becoming well.

Russ and Diane knew it was going to be a hard and long journey ahead, but they were willing to fight for Matt and their family. Dr. Hildegard Messenbaugh, founder of Third Way Center, took the lead on helping mend the relationships that were so important in Matt’s treatment. She said that in order for Matt to be successful, the parents had to be deeply involved in the treatment process.

Matt found his justice and Diane and Russ found peace in their lives after many family therapy sessions. Because of the courage of Matt’s parents and the help of Third Way Center, Matt lives happily in Colorado while raising his own two sons.

“He landed on his feet. There is still hope, there is a lot of hope.”