Michael Kimura – His Third Way Home

Time doesn’t stop when a resident leaves Third Way Center. Sometimes the most powerful lessons come after one reflects on where they have been when they leave us.
This was Michael’s greatest lesson. Growing up, Michael’s family didn’t have a lot. His mom gave birth to him when she was just 15 years old. At a young age, Michael was taught how to steal to get by. After Michael stole a car and was sent to juvenile corrections, he came to stay at Third Way Center.

Family therapy was a huge part of Michael’s journey to success. Although Michael and his mom found success within the therapy room, when Michael left Third Way Center, he continued in his familiar path and found himself in prison.

Success doesn’t always show right away. Sometimes it takes years to revisit life’s lessons. After much reflection, Michael was able to use the tools provided to him at Third Way Center to make a full transformation. He now thrives as a father, employee, and son.