Aaron: Senior Grants Officer and Coach

Aaron is a former Third Way Center resident who came from a broken home and a community struggling with gang violence. He’s now a successful grant writer, coach, and family man.

Aaron’s Journey:

Aaron came to Third Way Center in the summer of 1986. His 13-year old biological mother had lost custody of him, and he was placed with a foster parent struggling with alcohol addiction. Making matters worse, Aaron lived in a neighborhood overran by gang violence, and he spent most of his time between ages 12-17 living on the streets or in group homes. Third Way Center was Aaron’s saving grace – offering him the truth & hope necessary to overcome the trauma of his past.

At Third Way Center Aaron was provided accurate mental health diagnosis from experienced professionals. Through Third Way Center’s Six Boxes© treatment methodology, Aaron not only learned the connection between his behavior, feelings, and trauma, but was supported throughout his journey towards the restorative justice he needed to establish new feelings and behaviors.

Aaron excelled at Third Way Center and was given an opportunity to further his education. He eventually earned a scholarship at a University in Pennsylvania where he ran track and field, breaking school records. He had many successes while in college, but he still remembers his first day, being dropped off at school by Third Way Center Executive Director, Dave Eisner. Dave flew from Denver to Pennsylvania with Aaron, helped him register for classes, made sure he was settled in, had money in his pocket and that he was alright before Dave headed back to Denver. To this day Aaron considers Dave Eisner, Renee Johnson, and other staff members as parents.

Aaron worked hard to become the person he is today! He graduated, Magna Cum Laude, in the top 10% of his class. He currently works for the government as a Senior Grants Officer, and even finds time to coach an inner-city basketball team. Aaron has been married for over 20 years, and has three children with his wife, Amy. He loves his family very much, and provides them with a lesson in hope whenever he talks about the experiences he overcame to get to this point.

*names have been changed