Substance Use Treatment

Research suggests that alcoholism, drug addiction, and other forms of substance use are a cycle: youth who are exposed to alcohol abuse or substance abuse early in life are more likely to develop addictions to drugs or alcohol themselves. Additionally, teens and young adults can turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to fill a void or ease physical or emotional pain following traumatic experiences. Third Way Center offers a Substance Use Treatment program for youth who struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction. We provide ongoing, round-the-clock treatment for teens and young adults who exhibit signs of alcoholism or drug use in order to provide them with a way to break the cycle and achieve sobriety through compassionate, effective therapy.

Substance Use Rehabilitation Center

Third Way Center employs an onsite Substance Use Treatment Coordinator who works with residents in the Substance use Treatment program. The Substance Use Treatment Coordinator utilizes proven psychology-based methods to work with youth who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. Our methodology for the Substance Use Treatment program is simple: we treat each adolescent individually, working to address deep-rooted trauma and restore a sense of trust, safety, and power. We help residents to discover their own version of justice and encourage them to act upon it, so that they can begin to recover physically and mentally, and move forward from their trauma.

Third Way Center understands that youth struggling with substance use problems each have their own individual experience. We perform holistic evaluations on each of our residents to determine the best individualized treatment program for them, so that we can provide the most effective course of therapy and, subsequently, the best chance of rehabilitation. While other youth treatment programs focus mostly on changing the behavior of adolescents, Third Way Center focuses on identifying specific trauma that teens and young adults have endured in order to develop new, more constructive behavioral patterns.

Helping Teens Overcome Substance Use

Residents who go through our Substance Use Treatment program are seen as individuals on separate journeys, from the start of their treatment until they have achieved freedom from alcoholism and substance use. By identifying and treating the underlying causes of these behaviors, the counselors at our rehabilitation center offer youth an opportunity for a healthy, positive outlook on a brighter future.