High Schools & Education Programs

Alternative High School Programs

For youth who have suffered trauma, the simple act of going to high school can become a struggle. Third Way Center offers High School & Education programs to help teens and young adults achieve the milestone of high school graduation, setting them up for greater career success in the future. We recognize that the process of working on their individual treatment needs allows the students’ ability to learn. Therefore it is essential that the Houses work closely with the education team to prepare our clients for the best possible outcome.

Third Way Center offers residents classes at two state-approved alternative high schools led by Master Level Special Education teachers. Joan Farley Academy was designed to provide Third Way Center residents with quality high school education in a setting that speaks to their individual needs. We also work with Denver Public Schools to offer specialized vocational programs as well through CEC (career education center). Our KW Brill Center campus serves up to 60 youth from our York, Pontiac, and Bannock houses, as well as the Lincoln Street Supervised Apartments and the Next Steps program. Our Lowry JFA location is equipped to serve 32 students living on the Lowry campus.

Our small classroom sizes enable students to receive individualized attention, leading to a better understanding of subject matter and increased confidence in their abilities. Third Way Center residents who attend either of our two alternative high schools receive the education they need to earn their high school diploma, qualifying them for a number of jobs with high school graduation as a requirement, or to further their education through an apprentice program, vocational program or college program. The ability to learn and study in a conducive high school environment that addresses each student’s specific education needs allows for a chance of greater future success and expanded opportunities in the job market and/or further education.

Making High School Graduation Possible

Because our alternative high school campuses are staffed by licensed, accredited Master Level Special Education teachers, as well as a licensed social worker and a variety of counselors and other special education staff who specialize in assisting traumatized youth, our residents find themselves in a nurturing, compassionate environment where they can be free to pursue their education without being limited by traditional high school infrastructure. 79 percent of JFA students receive their high school diploma or GED during their time in our Education Program. Third Way Center builds confidence through education for youth who may not have previously believed high school graduation was a possibility. We believe that working closely with the treatment staff and giving youth the stability and attention they need from certified special education teachers and staff empowers them to create a healthy future for themselves.

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