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Support adolescents who have endured abuse, neglect, mental illness and other hardships as they work to overcome trauma and build necessary skills to succeed independently.

83% of donations go directly to residents' care

150+ volunteers give time each year to Third Way Center

6+ major

Young Professional Woman Get Involved

"Any way I can help the next generation to see their potential, to see how much they can do and change, it empowers me."

- Young Professionals board member

How You Can Help

Attend Third Way Center Events

The Third Way Young Professionals Board was created in 2014 as a means to introduce young leaders in the Denver community to the work of Third Way Center. The board hosts year-round events that benefit Third Way.


The individuals who join Third Way Center’s team of dedicated volunteers are essential to our teens’ success. Volunteers are a valuable component of furthering our mission by connecting directly with our youth.

Mentor a youth

Become a Youth Mentor

Young people at Third Way Center are in need of positive adult role models. Our mentorship program strives to help young adults develop a moral compass while effectively guiding them to make safe and successful life choices.