Join us for True Grit 2024!

After a long day’s work, cowboys of the old west gathered to eat, play music, and tell stories. You can bet that most likely a campfire was involved. The warmth of the fire and the light of the flame inspired them to share a favorite experience or tale. Campfires continue to symbolize togetherness and unity and play a part in life today – families young and old gather to impart stories of their history and keep traditions alive.

This year’s Campfire Stories theme celebrates the importance of storytelling. Storytelling invites conversation, inspires the imagination, and warms the heart. It is the oldest form of communication, whether relaying family history, reminiscing with friends, or connecting with colleagues at work.

Sharing stories is also essential to the teens we treat at Third Way Center. Stories remind us that we are not alone in tough times and that others may be going through similar experiences. Stories show us that others have overcome challenges, conquered difficulties, and reached their goal.

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Saturday, October 19, 2024

Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale

Doors open at 5:30 pm


Brendan Bartic, Board Chair
Gary Gray, Vice President
Jean E. Smith Gonnell, Esq., Secretary
Patrick Sobers, Treasurer
Renee Johnson
Hildegard Messenbaugh, MD
David Eisner
Meg Everett
Courtney Johnston
Matthew McCormick
Stacy Ohlsson
Melanie Schoninger

For more information about the True Grit Gala click here! We hope to see you on October 19!