After Care & Emancipation Programs

Third Way Center’s end goal is to rehabilitate traumatized youth so that they can go out into the world and live successful, healthy lives. Once residents have emancipated from our Residential Child Care Facilities, they are encouraged to employ the skills and training they gained through our treatment programs and begin their new chapter as confident, self-sufficient adults.

Emancipation Programs

Next Steps is a community-based program for up to 15 young adults who have emancipated from Third Way Center, yet still require supervision and assistance. Through Next Steps, youth can practice the skills they have learned, while receiving a safety net of supervision and assistance from Third Way Center.

Youth in the Next Steps program have either moved into apartments of their own, or are living with relatives. We offer transitional support such as therapy, mental health services, and assistance with finding stable housing, furnishing apartments, and finding employment. Through Next Steps, youth who have gone through our programs can feel secure in the knowledge that they are not alone; a qualified and caring counselor is still with them on their journey as they transition to the next exciting phase of their lives.

Continued Mental Health Services

As part of the Next Steps program, we continue to provide support with mental health services to ensure that former residents make and keep healthy routines. We keep up with youth that have emancipated from Third Way Center to provide guidance and encouragement as they test out the everyday living and job skills they learned in the program. Participants in the Next Steps program know they have someone in their corner, every step of the way as they strive to achieve their goal of independent adult living.

Providing Job Skills to End Homelessness

Youth who have lived at one of our five Denver-area treatment centers have had the opportunity to gain a high school diploma or GED, learn valuable and necessary life and job skills, and receive therapy, including treatment for substance abuse, from Master Level Therapists. By the time a resident is ready to emancipate into the Next Steps program, they are equipped with the skills and training that will help them to avoid homelessness and break the cycle of intergenerational abuse that they have been exposed to in their lives. Next Steps is a stepping stone between the treatment and education they received through Third Way Center and the bright future that lies ahead.