COVID-19 Update

Third Way Center is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and how it will affect our 5 Residential Child Care Facilities and 2 schools, providing 24/7 care to 100 youth at any given time. Our two M.D.s on staff are taking a pro-active approach to keeping our residents and staff healthy.
 Like all of you, we are continually making adjustments along with the evolution of the coronavirus situation and following the CDC and World Health Organization advice. Our founder and Medical Director, Hildegard Messenbaugh, MD, pointed out that this is a golden opportunity to reinforce the interconnectedness of people on our planet, in our town and in our houses. The COVID-19 response needs everyone to look beyond their own best interest as our lives and economy is disrupted and focus on the community’s need to prevent the spread of this virus.
We are collaborating with the Department of Health and other agencies in our industry to navigate these new waters.  We have drafted a response plan which includes:
  • Access to our houses is restricted to staff and youth to maximize social distancing. Within the houses, protective social distancing is in place to keep 6 feet spacing as much as possible. Large therapeutic groups are being split into smaller divisions to allow for a maximum of 10 people.
  •  When possible personnel are working from home, particularly in administrative roles.
  • Throughout our buildings, safety advice and tips are posted. The importance of thorough and frequent hand-washing is being reinforced among youth and staff along with the practice of respiratory etiquette.
  • Our facilities has developed quarantine readiness kits in case a youth gets COVID-19
  • Extra measures are being taken to deep clean and sanitize.
    • The JFA Brill teaching staff has redesigned their curriculum to split the school day so each house has a block of time to learn without intermingling across our facilities.
  • As essential staff, our teams are showing up at work armed with positive attitudes and creativity to help a house full of youth get through the day all cooped up.
  • Therapists are quickly coming up to speed with videoconferencing and conference bridge communications to continue to engage family and professionals into the therapeutic process, while maintaining social distance.
We have found that keeping 100 teenagers entertained in this “stay home” environment is a challenge for us. At this time, we are asking for donations or any contribution towards science projects, art supplies, movies, and games. In-kind donations can be dropped off at our administrative office at, 455 Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80204. All monetary donations can be made through our website HERE. In case we have a resident become ill we do have masks, gowns and gloves in our quarantine kits at each location.  Please reach out with any questions to